The Hydraulic Problems Of The Combined Action Of The Swell To The Throw Sea-Water Current

Mohamed HASSANE, Mustapha Kamel MIHOUBI


The present paper treats one of the phenomena that hydrotechnic designers in the construction
project of thermo electrical plants on the sea, where a particular attention must be given to the
hydraulic calculation of the construction of the sea-throw. In fact, the swell influence and its
combined action on the sea-throw affects the hydrotechnic construction stability which
influences much the sedimentary rate of the construction, in particular the bottom erosion in
the throw area.
In this context, we expose a methodological approach of the combined action of the swell with
based currents on the gravitary (gravidity) wave's analysis model with horizontallyheterogeneous
opposed currents done in a swell-basin.


Swe l l gravitary waves; effective fetch length; breaking, blockage; Sign. ficant heights.

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